Company Profile
Established on 2003, we helped foreign clients from global companies find their homes and settling in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province, China. Gaining good reputation from our clients that we are few professional company who really understand what our client really needed after stepping on the land of a different country, Homecaught start to expand her service scope from housing business to other aspects, where our clients need the most professional vendor. In 2009, we provided school buses for Nanjing International School. Since we are aware of how important the safety is regarded to the students on the bus, we spare no efforts to make our buses safer and safer.
From 2011, as the air pollution is getting worse, we help school to facilitate renovation of overall air purification system to substantially improve the interior air quality by adoption of high efficiency but cost saving approach that is to install PM2.5 filters to current air conditioning system.
In 2013, all the outlets of air conditioning system in Nanjing International School were installed with our PM2.5 air filters to reduce the air pollution of PM2.5. The whole renovation was designed according
precise calculation of air circulation of current central air conditioning system which was built in 2004. The outcome is obvious after the installation, the average PM2.5within school building is less than 15.
Our Team
Our team consists various professional such as engineers who are specialized in AC system design and calculation, air filtration specialist who supervise the quality of our air filters production and sales representatives who have more than 5 years of service for international companies and schools.
Our Social Responsibility
We have been partner and sponsor of Nanjing International Club and Pfang Charity for years to promote the air purification solution among the foreign community and help many families to improve indoor air quality.
We are also positive to attend the annual Green and Clean Forum, held by EUCCC and address the importance of awareness of the harm caused by PM2.5 pollution and our solutions.