Nanjing Internatinal School

Nanjing International School

was built in 2004, after finishing another two phases of construction it finally reaches to total area of 25000 square meters.

Most of its classrooms are equipped with FCU of central air conditioning, in some big space venue such as the stadium and swimming pool, Air handling units were installed.

Based on aforesaid condition, we installed F8 PM2.5 filters direct to the inlets of FCU for classrooms.

With reference to AHU, we provide middle effect of PM2.5 filters and H level filters to assure all the air which go pass the units shall be purified at rate of 99%.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring system
TSI PM2.5 monitor
AirPlus PM2.5 data on mobile devices

To reflect the air filtration effect, we help to
installed totally 8 TSI indoor air monitors inside
the campus. We connected the monitor with IT
exchange so that we could catch the data from our
server every 5 minutes. School staff or parents
could find out the current indoor air quality by
download our app AirPlus.
In addition, we provide a monthly report as a summary of changing data of PM2.5 both indoor and outdoor.

Staff and parents could learn about the current PM2.5 data via LED displayer placed at the lobby.

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